Friday, September 19, 2008

Frugal Mom Tips #4

Here's number #4 in our Frugal Mom tips series...

Other Utilities/bills:
What to check to save you $$$$:
*Check your house phone bill to see if there are any services you no longer need.
*Check your cell phone bills/ call your service provider to see if they have any plans/specials that might be better/ more affordable for your usage.
*Reevaluate your satellite TV usage. Are you paying for channels you don’t watch? If so, call them and pick a better plan!
*Credit cards: if you pay on time and are a good customer, you can call and ask to have them reduce you monthly interest rates. Always worth a try.
*Reevaluate the magazines you have delivered. I reduced two of my subscriptions (the ones that were not gifts) and one of my husband's (that we didn’t even have time to read) and saved us over $50 a year!

Kids clothing:
*Set up a hand-me-down/ clothing swap with other families with children. (Great recycling too!)
*Consider kid's resale shops to sell outgrown clothes & accessories in excellent condition. (Even more recycling!)
*Garage sale clothes (recycling again!) and use the cash made for new purchases to accommodate those growing kids!

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