Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frugal Mom Tips #2

Here's the next set of frugal tips. Hope they help!

-Frugal food tips:
What to check to save you $$$$:
*Use coupons on products you use (don't be label loyal if you don't need to be).
*Make a weekly menu & grocery list and stick to them!
*Check the store ads and plan the weekly menu based off of it.
*Try to plan "cook once, eat twice meals" or freeze half of a meal for later in the month.
*Cut back on eating out (also saves gas) and cook at home (often saves calories and money).
*Cut down on soda (tough one even for a water-lover like me!)
*Don't buy bottled water at store (bad for environment). Instead, buy safe, reusable, washable bottles. Label them with your name/kid's name and fill up at home.
*Get a water filtration system and lose the water delivery habit.
*Check with other families to see if they use/can split products bought at bulk stores to cut cost for you both and prevent purchases from spoiling.

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