Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Trick to Making Healthy School Lunches?

Okay, so I am new to taking my child to school 5 days a week and I am trying to come up with ideas for making her a healthy yet fun lunch each day! It is quite a big deal at the grocery store! There are millon options (at lot of them are not healthy or are very expensive) and I am trying to find the balance. I am not opposed to the occasional yummy cupcake in the lunchbox but it is rough trying to keep things different and healthful each day. I would love to hear any tips, recipes or ideas for school lunches! I did come across a cool find today of a reusable, washable bowl within a bowl (better for the environment) at the store. The bottom bowl can be frozen for the veggies to stay cold and the top bowl/lid keeps dip fresh for veggies. Love it! By the way, speaking of reusable lunch items... Check out my link to this site: I love it! They have great reusable wrap mats for sandwiches that double as a clean mat for eating. One of my favorite finds!

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