Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

All Hallows Eve... My favorite holiday! Halloween! We go all out decorating and getting our costumes and pumpkins early. We even watch Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown over and over the entire month of October.

Thought I would list some fun, silly facts I know about this spooky holiday:

- The only holiday people spend more money on is Christmas!
- Originated as a pagan holiday.
- Candy corns are over 100 years old! Over 35 million pounds of candy corn will be cooked up this year alone!
- Over 90% of children will go trick-or-treating this year!
- 99% of all pumpkins end up as... Jack-o-lanterns!
- The biggest pumpkin EVER recorded was 1689 pounds at the Topsfield Fair in 2007.
- Black cats are part of Halloween culture because of the long standing belief they were evil or even bad spirits.
- Mellowcreme Pumpkins only have 150 calories per serving! Yummy!
- The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown first aired on October 27th, 1966 and is still my favorite to this day!
- Consumers spend over $5 billion dollars on Halloween candy, costumes, decor and fun!

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